The BWRDC Gold Stars is an initiative conceived by this unique motorsport club.Gold Star

Chairman Helen Bashford-Malkie explains:

Only two of these prestigious awards will be presented annually; one to a Club Member who aspires to a higher level and one to an Elite Member wishing to progress her motorsport career to a professional level.

The Gold Stars are the Club’s way of flagging up talent within our sport and to help the nominees and winners promote and progress their careers. Both winners will have the added kudos and benefit from two highly successful and professional drivers as their mentors, BWRDC Star Drivers Liz Halliday and Susie Wolff (formerly Susie Stoddart).

“I am constantly inspired by the successes our members achieve in all categories across the UK and I wanted to offer them another platform to help further their burgeoning careers.”

Anna Waleska is the winner of the Elite Group BWRDC Gold Star Award 2014.

Elite Group

Roz Shaw is the winner of the Club Group BWRDC Gold Star Award 2014.

Club Group

BWRDC Gold Stars Mentors for 2014 are Susie Wolff and Liz Haliday.